"For many years I have entrusted the care of my precious bows to Rick Riggall. Rick is also a master bow maker and I am proud to own and play with a bow that he made expressly for me. My violin case now carries a Tourte, a Simon, a Kittel and a Riggall."

Aaron Rosand- World-renowned violin virtuoso and pedagogue

"This performance was named "24 Caprice Salute: A concert in Honor of Members of the Guarneri Quartet" in celebration of their 45 years as a string quartet... The bow I used for this concert was made by Rick Riggall, which I continue to enjoy using to this day. I thank you for listening and hope you find this enjoyable."

Jason DePue - performer, member of Philadelphia Orchestra

"I had the pleasure of working with Rick Riggall at the Moennig shop from his arrival there in 1980 until my departure in 2002. I always found him to be particularly careful and respectful of the integrity and originality of fine old bows and, as a result, I still entrust my own to him for rehairs and maintenance."

Philip J. Kass - Independent Appraiser

"My bow made my Richard Riggall is strong, easy to handle, and gets a good, healthy sound from my Andrea Hoffman-Simmel viola. It is capable of drawing different colors from the instrument, and I am quite satisfied with it."

Eugene Drucker - Founding member of the Emerson String Quartet

As a longtime member of the Baltimore Consort--a period instrument ensemble specializing in the music of the Elizabethan era--I frequently play bass lines in “broken” or “English” consort music. In November of 2004, I purchased a viola da gamba bow made by Rick Riggall to use in the ensemble. While I have played with a variety of bows over the course of my nearly-30 years of playing with the Consort, I prefer my Riggall bow to all others, even to ones that are much more expensive. It is very well balanced—fairly light yet powerful and capable of producing all the articulations and dynamics that I need.

Larry Lipkis - performer, teacher, composer

My Riggall clip-in frog short stick bow is strong and very flexible. I have performed and recorded with it numerous times over the years and have recommended the model to many other colleagues.

Daniel Elyar- teacher, performer,recording artist

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Jörg-Michael Schwarz and Karen Marie Marmer of Rebel